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Happy Father's Day!

Super late post. Parang sinipag lang akong mag-post ng mag-post ngayon.

Well, last last sunday was Father's Day. Were merely complete.
We ate at Aristocrat sa Roxas Boulevard then we headed at Harbour Square to have some coffee.

We feasted on all-Pinoy food (siyempre, sa Aristocrat nga diba?). In fairness, kahit over flowing na ang tao sa restaurant we had our meals in almost 15-20 minutes, the time frame they promised.

We ordered their Bangus Belly Sinigang, the all time Chicken Barbecue, Pancit Canton, Crispy Pata, Fried Calamari and of course, Cream Puffs!

Nice naman ang food amidst the hungry crowd na mostly families din celebrating Father's Day. Their Peanut Sauce for the BBQ is still the best and their cream puffs are delectably yummy!

In fairness to Aristocrat - bongga ang halo-halong crowd.

Everything's done! :P

So, we went to Harbour Square to have some coffee - and I saw a new offering from Starbucks!

Its the blue-berry pana cotta! I love panna cotta. Pero naguguluhan parin ako on why its called Panna Cotta kasi hindi naman jelly like and meron kasi siyang crushed biscuits sa bottom layer niya. Para siyang Blueberry Cheesecake. Pero its delicious naman. :D

This day was so much fun kasi my tita and my fave cousin were here. Sana maulit ulit ito.

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Congratulations, James! :D

Woohoooo. Ok, first of all hindi kami magkakilala.
Wala lang. Kahit maraming kumokontra na hindi daw siya deserving - siya parin ang gusto kong maging big winner.

Fan talaga ako ng Big Brother pero itong latest season, ilang episodes lang ang napanood ko. Nakilala ko lang ang participants almost sa mga commercials lang.

Wala lang talaga. Care niyo naman eh feel kong big winner itong si James. Kesa naman kay Devon? (ooops.)



Congratulations! :P

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Love and Light, Tito Vic

Hi there!

So, i'll make kwento about the passing of my Tito.

A week before the official start of classes, Tito Vic expired. He died of Liver Cirrhosis - siguro hindi na kinaya ng katawan niya. Pero infairness, nalampasan na niya halos lahat from rehab to hindi ko na mabilang na hospitalizations. Well, everytime naman kasi na lumabas siya sa hospital eh iinom na siya agad. Oh diba? Pasaway to the nth power.

Grabe ang mga happenings nung wake niya. Of course, there's a little crying (little lang talaga), little drama and emote, little politics, stress, food and dahil kakaiba ang pamilya there were tons of laughter.


A mass was held in my Lola's house, at ayan ako - Gospel reader.


Ayan ang mga taong nakapila sa labas, mga nakikiramay. Jusko, more fiesta talaga pag may patay.

At ito ang mga nakahandang pagkain sa kanila. I tell you, stress moment ito. Its like pakain para sa baranggay.

At ito naman ang mga nakahandang pagkain para sa mga so-called "VIP" - ito yung mga taong may passes para makapasok sa bahay (HAHA, joke!). Medyo bias ba?

Iba naman ang kanilang set of food and drinks.

Ganito ang eksena almost everyday ng wake. Puro pagkain. I swear.

Last moment na ito. Bye tito vic - you will always be remembered.

Here's my eulogy during the burial of Tito Vic.

For Tito Vic
July 28, 1966 – June 06, 2010

Seeing tito vic everytime I come home to Lezo is not a relief neither a misery – its just I feel nothing. Most of the times he’s just ignored and I’m sorry for that.

Growing up with tito vic has two sides, just like two sides of the coin as they say. One side is the most familiar to all of us here present. It is the well drinking part, it is an accepted fact that tito vic lived the last phase of his life in alcohol – with his most favorite brand of ‘tanduay’ which I think we can already claim a dividend. He really got hooked with it.

I grew up seeing you gradually being destroyed by this alcohol alongside seeing mama, tatay, tita may, tita june, tita mars and the rest of the family struggling real hard how to keep him away from it – giving him the best medication ever from alcoholics anonymous, rehab, detox, hospitalizations, spiritual healing and the like.

But then tito vic, I saw that instead you giving up for us, we were the ones who gave up. Giving up in the sense that we became powerless, we became numbed, we were silent, and from a distance we kept our love. We murmured “kung saan ka Masaya, doon ka”.

The other side of tito vic is that he is simply tito vic. Inspite or despite of this shortcoming unknown to many he is an extension of tatay. I can feel it in my heart how he loved us all his pamangkins - from me, julienne, jovic, john, mikee, and gabie.

In your most humble and simplest way of showing what love is – cooking for us. Every time were on vacation thank you for seeing to it that we have food on the table when we woke up. Tito Vic, I have to admit you still have the best adobo and lengua ever. Your cooking prowess was a sight to behold. At our call, you’re always there for us – simply put you adore us.

In six months time its Christmas and you wouldn’t be around anymore. My siblings wouldn’t have any companion to finish a bottle of red wine.

Again, I’m sorry for having ignored your stories and questions, but at least I ate all the breakfasts you have served. Love and light tito vic, we will miss you and we love you so much.

Go and kiss papa for us.

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The very one thing why I hate airports

Even before, I really love airports, airplanes and whatever. If I would have a house in the near future gusto ko parang airport ang design (huh?). Noon and actually even ngayon dream ko parin ang maging pilot and since hindi na 20/20 ang vision ko ibinaba ko iyon into being a flight attendant - basta lang nasa airport or nasa plane and again, whatever. Haay buhay since parang hindi rin bagay ang pagiging FA sa akin, I decided to take the true path - to be in the great world of med (pero sabi ko parin, gusto ko doctor ako ng plane, HAHA).



So ayan - nasabi ko na ang ilan sa aking mga aspirations. Bakit nga ba there's my very one reason why I hate airports?

Well, because just this evening - we dropped na our well-loved tita and cousin papuntang Canada. Its been three years nung huli ko silang makita. Umuwi sila dito because my tito passed away (which, i'll be doing a separate entry).

I am very poor in saying goodbyes, I am quite emotional talaga. Minsan hindi ko na alam kung OA na kasi even other relatives of plainly close family friends na umaalis eh nasa-sad talaga ako. At least now, medyo mature na konting tears nalang and take note, sa car nalang ako naglalabas ng emotions. Unlike before, nako talo ko pa lahat ng soap operas in Philippine television - like, kelangan ko pa ng ilang days to cope. Basta, I am really really bad in saying goodbyes. Ayoko talaga ng ganito - napakabigat ng feeling. Ayokong iniiwanan, ayoko ding nang-iiwan. I really value close family ties na kahit impossible ang gusto kong wonderland ay kung saan complete ang family (oh, meron ka niyan?)


I'm gonna miss them soooooo very very much. Its just like two weeks before this eh sinundo ko lang sila and now, pabalik na sila. Haaaaaaaaaay.

But I have to admit, nag-iiba talaga ang panahon (oo naman diba?). When I fetched them before parang hindi naman sobra ang impact na kahit three years kayong hindi nagkikita. Kasi naman, almost everyday eh nagkakausap kayo via webcam and real time ang texting - so the world is very much closer nowadays.

Ang usapan they would be coming home in the next three years pa, but I do hope could visit them too. Okay, I'm teary-eyed na and I still got classes tomorrow. Mahaba-habang dramahan na naman ito.

i really value close family ties. its most wonderful treasure in my existence.

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Summer Wrap Up!

Maybe it is still fitting to do a summer wrap up kasi naman kahit kalahati na ng June eh summer na summer padin. Literally, ang init. Sobra. The Nerves.

Oh well, itong summer na ito ang napaka stress-filled and of course kahit stressed dahil sa career may kasiyahan naman. I always want to see the lighter side of all the things thats coming my way para enjoy lang.

I'm now in my third year of pre-med. Napaka toxic lang ng mga bagay-bagay. And This summer of 2010 made me realize that really I am now in third year. Siguro, nasanay parin ako na I would get the straight two months as vacation - just like high school.

So, what did really happen during Summer???

First, as the regular school year ended on the last week of March. I hurriedly began my hospital pharmacy internship in Manila Doctors Hospital. Sa totoo lang, up to now i'm not yet done with it pero super ok lang. I would never really forget this practicum - super saya talaga. Kahit may toxic times dahil sa dami ng patient and orders napakarami parin kaming free hours of chitchat and literally 'tambay'. I am so blessed that I got in sa MaDocs for certain reasons.
1. They are not strict with the time. As long as you do your work at maayos mong nagagawa ang mga inuutos
sayo, you would be given so many extra hours.
2. They have an assessment or quiz, mga 2 quizzes yon and take note, if you get 1 point correct, then you'll get
a corresponding 1 extra hour. Bonnga diba?
3. If you have summer class, napaka bait talaga nila. HAHA. As per experience.
4. You will really learn a lot of things. As in, a lot. Na-inspire nga ako ng workforce nila kasi feeling ko super
smart sila. Like, they would tell you the use of this and that at kung anong anik anik pa. May times nga na
gusto kong isulat ang mga pinagsasabi nila.
5. In connection with learning a lot of stuff, in their hospital, we were really exposed to real practice. Its as if
career kung career. Love it.
I will be posting a separate blog for this.

Second, I had my summer class in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (biochem lang ito, inaartehan lang nila ng name) since I didnt take it up during the previous semester. Ayan ang dami namin infairness, we were close to like 60 students. There were repeaters of the course from our faculty and also from other colleges, halo-halo talaga kami. Walang good looking to the highest level nung summer. HAHA. The summer class lasted for 3 weeks, as in everyday from Monday to Friday from 7am to 1pm. Carry niyo ba yan? Again, I was so greatfull that I took summer class - kasi naman at least I took the normally 5-month course in just three weeks diba? Less quizzes, less assignments, you just need to be present. And also, I want to commend our lecturer Sir Roldan De Guia - i have to admit hindi ko talaga siya feel noong Organic Chem namin pero wiht this course, i can bow down to him. Ang galing niya and pinapatulan talaga niya lahat ng tanong ng students. Sayang, wala na siya sa UST, I think he's pursuing his Masteral Degree in Germany. Nice!

Third, I had a short break in my parents' hometown in Aklan. A supposed relaxed vacation became a different one since my tito vic (my father's younger brother) died because of liver cirrhosis. Again, I would do a separate entry for this.

And before i got back here in Manila, buti nalang I got a taste of Boracay after a year. **Sigh**

Until now, haggard parin ang feeling ko. Parang im still so tired and I cant barely write down notes or do some research assignments. We'll see.

Ikaw, how's your summer?
Sana nama lumamig na. :D


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